‘Negative Phenomena’

Do negative phenomena include women who are not covering their hair?

It is true that we are disappointed by those who voted for the creation of the negative phenomena committee in the National Assembly; a panel created by those who we can call ‘MPs of gloom’, and others we had a lot of faith in. I am not blaming those who were happy with this proposal, but I blame those in whom we placed our hope, and do you know why? Not because they voted for the committee, but because they voted without inquiring about the meaning of negative phenomena, so that they can convince us that this committee’s goal is to ‘serve’ and ‘help’ as the interior minister proclaimed.

Is negative phenomena a bribe, corruption or wasta? I believe that those topics will for sure be ignored because the committee was not formed to deal with such issues. Or is it about having a Christmas tree and congratulating Christians, since such practice is considered a sin in the view of the committee’s creators?

Do negative phenomena include women who are not covering their hair? Or is it the youth going astray due to the administration’s failure in finding jobs for them? Does the rise in drug use’s rates classify under this category too? When male and female university students sit in the same hall together, is that considered a negative phenomenon? I am sure this resembles a priority for the committee’s creators, whereas their list of priorities probably does not include the problem of placing the wrong person in an important place.

Cracked streets, flying gravel, waste, water pollution and spread of corruption; are those included in their list of priorities? I salute the new youth MPs at the Assembly, including Ahmad Al-Fadhl,Rakan  Al-Nisf, Yousuf Al-Fadhala and Khaled Al-Shatti, who insisted to reject this dishonorable committee. But it seems that the ministers voting in favor of the committee proved that the government itself is a negative phenomenon. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Qabas

By Iqbal Al-Ahmad

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