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New academic year commences

KUWAIT: The managerial departments along with school staff begin a new academic term for the year 2022-23 in the country, with kindergarten school faculties having started their term, followed by elementary and middle school faculties who would begin later this week and high school staff to commence work on Sept 18. Students at kindergarten and elementary schools will start on Sept 25, followed by the start of the academic year for middle and high school students by Oct 2.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education has initiated hiring procedures across all its sectors, in lieu of the upcoming academic year and has also made arrangements for the provision of all necessary contractual paperwork with hiring companies to supply more janitorial workers.

Rajaa Bo-Arky, Undersecretary, Ministry of Education and assistant to managerial affairs announced the hiring of 940 service men for the 2022-23 academic year in the educational sector. “The ministry will continue to employ the current list of janitors until all companies resume work next month, as schools in Farwaniya and Jahra currently have a sufficient number of employees,” she said.

“The managerial department now awaits the civil service commission’s approval, regarding the hiring of teachers, in order to continue with its employment procedures and to be able to assign a specific date, for the first batch of one hundred and twenty six teachers, to arrive from Jordan, with a team formed within the department, to coordinate with both the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Health departments respectively.”

Sources at the ministry also revealed that a large number of servicemen were to be employed in Ahmadi, Mubarak Al-Kabeer and Al-Asima governorates, yet concerns were also raised that the number of employees were not sufficient as new schools were being opened in west Abdullah Mubarak and Sabah Al-Ahmed as well.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education has also initiated the distribution of school furniture across various schools, through Matrouk Al-Mutairi, Manager of storage and distribution.

With regards to the distribution of furniture, informed sources said that around three hundred and fifty schools required new furniture adding that the Ministry currently has “around 80 thousand new pieces of furniture which includes forty thousand chairs and forty thousand tables, which are being distributed among those schools that need them.” Sources also added that “around 2,200 air conditioning appliances have been distributed around schools with Dr Ali Al-Mudhaf closely monitoring the situation to make further arrangements.”

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