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New affidavit form to ‘protect patients from medical errors’ – MP denies human trafficking accusations

KUWAIT: Minister of Health Dr Ali Al-Obaidi has approved a new patients’ affidavit form that would protect patients’ rights and safety as well as protect them from medical errors, Assistant Undersecretary For Legal Affairs Dr Mahmoud Abdul Hadi said. Abdul Hadi added that according to the new decisions, doctors will be mandated to brief patients about medical protocols and options concerning each case before having them sign written affidavits to show their approval prior to any surgery or non-surgical medical and treatment procedure, including the use of medicines with possible side effects. He added that the decision also mandated all public hospitals and clinics as well as private medical facilities to list procedures that require patients’ or their legal representatives’ written approval.

Jaber Stadium
Meanwhile, the Health Ministry’s Undersecretary Dr Khaled Al-Sahlawi stressed that all medical facilities were ready for the reopening of Jaber Stadium on Friday. “Preparations include providing 22 ambulances around the stadium, a fully equipped and staffed field clinic, four supply vehicles, eight immediate intervention clinics and airborne ambulances,” he explained, noting that 12 doctors, a medical team and over 100 paramedics and preventive medicine teams would be ready for VIP fans. In addition, Sahlawi said that six ATVs and four scooters would also be ready to provide first aid services in record time in case of overcrowding. “Farwaniya Hospital will be on full alert and others will be ready on standby,” he added.
On Saturday, the Interior Ministry’s Relations and Security Media Department’s Director Brigadier Adel Al-Hashash said that the stadium’s gates would be open for audience from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm on Friday, December 18, 2015. He added that a special parking space is allocated in an open yard opposite to the stadium, as well as the parking lot of the boys’ commercial studies’ college near Farwaniya Hospital, in addition to four other parking spaces behind the girls’ commercial studies’ college. He added that 220 patrols would be present to organize traffic as well as organize entrance to the stadium and exit after the ceremony. Hashash also noted that the stadium could be reached through the fifth and sixth ring roads, Mohammad Bin Al-Qassim, Ardhiya main and Mohammad Al-Mo’sseb streets. “One hundred and sixty buses will be available at parking spaces to carry the audience to the stadium,” he added.

Human trafficking
MP Majed Moussa strongly denied having any relations to visa trafficking, saying that he heard that some lawmakers intend to submit inquiries regarding his or his close relatives’ alleged involvement in human trafficking in 2009. “I am only responsible for myself,” he underlined and pled to his colleagues to file the inquiries to the relevant authorities. Moussa dared MPs to prove that he had had any transactions with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor or the Ministry of Commerce, either individually or through a company.

Insanity plea
In a second case of its kind, an Egyptian man being prosecuted for slandering His Highness the Amir on Twitter pled insanity before court yesterday. After the judge asked him if had come to Kuwait to work or to insult people, the accused man said: “Satan controlled me and I do not know what happened to me that day.”

By A Saleh

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