New labor laws for employees

By Fajer Ahmed

There is a huge shift in the economy, and this means some are losing jobs while others are gaining jobs. Some companies are not able to operate as they predicted, and therefore are deciding to terminate people. Today I would like to talk about the new labor laws, as well as how businesses can move forward. Some people are reporting that around 250,000 expats might have lost their jobs already, but I am not sure how true this is.

New laws are under discussion right now by the Kuwaiti parliament – the idea of the new law is to allow the following:

  1. Reductions of salary with mutual agreement, as in agreement with the employer. I have not read the text of the law, but I really hope this is capped at a percentage like 25 percent, which is the current maximum reduction of salary, and that the employee is given the option and is not forced into this.
  2. That the employee will have the right to choose to leave to their home country with all expenses incurred by the employer, while receiving three months’ notice and termination indemnity. I hope this process is easy and flights are provided, and that the governments of the employees are aware of this decision.

On the bright side, they are also discussing punishments for those who trafficked employees into the country with false promises of jobs. I trust the government that it will come up with the best outcome in this difficult situation for the entire country. I would really love to hear your story in this tough time and how you even came to Kuwait to work, so please send me your story at [email protected]

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