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New tent sale site to open before camping season

KUWAIT: The Kuwait Municipality announced the provision of a new site for the sale of tents, following the removal of the current market in the Al-Rai area after the end of the camping season. “The site was isolated from the area of the Friday market to be used to temporarily sell tents and land supplies as a substitute for the previous tent market,” the municipality announced.

The alternative site was chosen to be close to the site of the previous tent market given the support of the Kuwait Municipality for this activity and to preserve the interest of those engaged in the activity of selling tents and national crafts. The new site will ensure that this service will still be provided to citizens throughout the year to meet their needs for tent products and land supplies.

The new market will be open before the next camping season. The provision of service at the new site is temporary until the municipality completes all procedures for offering the former tent market site project for investment and ensuring good management of the new project.

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