Neymar Jr’s Five Qualifiers Conclude in Hassan Abul fields on April 3 & 4

Goal Qualifiers

In a 4-day period, Goal Shaab (Shaab) and Premiere Academy (Bayan) fields crammed with participating teams who competed with immense passion and dedication to make it to the national final of Neymar Jr’s Five in Kuwait. Competently, ten teams managed to qualify and only six remaining teams from Hassan Abul fields (Dasma) 2-day qualifiers (April 3 and 4) shall join the other teams in the national final on April 6.

Hassan Abul qualifiers will allow those who could not make it during the first two qualifiers to register their teams and try again, it also invites all amateur and professional players to join the final qualifiers to compete in the national final, and perhaps be lucky enough to go to Brazil for the World Final this summer.

Neymar Jr’s Five’s five-a-side championship by Red Bull is inspired by street football: it caters to amateurs and professional football players aged between16-25 years, but for the first time two over-aged players are allowed as part of each squad. Tens of thousands of players will set out with the hope of making it all the way from regional qualifiers to their national final and on to the World Final at the Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr in Praia Grande, Brazil. Neymar Jr himself is dreaming too – of more success with FC Barcelona and Brazil in 2017, and a long-term future in the country that excites him most.

“It’s a fun, fast and technical game – it’s the kind of football I’ve always loved to play and this time we play it with a special twist to it: the five-player teams lose one player each time they concede a goal until there are no players left, or the 10-minute game ends. This will be even more exciting,” says Neymar Jr. Teams of 5 to 7 players can sign up now on for a chance represent Kuwait in Brazil and meet Neymar!

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