Niqab-wearing trio arrested for theft

KUWAIT: Ahmadi detectives sent a three-woman gang to the public prosecution charged with theft, taking advantage of the niqab. The three, two Egyptians and a Jordanian, said they committed crimes at various markets. The three were arrested red-handed, and they said they targeted luxury stores. The three were arrested while stealing clothes from a store at Gate Mall in Egaila.

Parental abuse
A citizen accused her husband of breaking the skull of their two-month-old daughter when he beat her. The woman went to Adan police station in a hysterical condition, and gave them a medical report stating her daughter’s condition. She said she had differences with her husband, who hit the girl on the head. The deputy prosecutor general ordered the case to be registered as a felony.

Drug possession
A vehicle that did not have a rear license plate revealed two persons using drugs. A security source said police patrol officers in Mahboula noticed the car without a license plate, so they stopped it to issue its driver a ticket. When the driver handed his ID, it was found that he is a citizen and an ex-convict convicted on charges of using drugs, drunkenness and getting banned material into rehabs. When the second person was searched, suspected drugs were found with him. The two were sent to the Drugs Control General Department.

No injuries
Firemen dealt with fires in two camps on the Seventh Ring Road, but no injuries were reported. A fire department source said the camp was empty, and while fighting the fire, another blaze was seen in a nearby camp, so they went there and put that fire out. Investigations are underway to determine the causes.

Search for swindler
A swindler got KD 30,000 from three brothers after convincing them that he will get them into business, then disappeared and switched of his phone. A security source said three brothers went to Mubarak Al-Kabeer police station, and told officers that a person made them believe that he will make them rich within months and asked for KD 10,000 from each of them. When he got the KD 30,000, he left after asking them to be patient. The brothers attempted to call him but failed, so they resorted to the police.

Armed robbery
An Iranian man pressed attempted murder and robbery charges against thee persons who attacked him inside a grocery store where he works in Hawally. The suspects reportedly stabbed the storekeeper and stole cash and phone recharge cards worth KD 920 from his store. The man handed police a medical report stating that he had a stab wound in the hand and bruises on the neck. Hawally detectives are looking for the suspects.

Murder threat
A citizen accused his Saudi friend of threatening to kill him and robbing KD 1,400 in a complaint he lodged at Maidan Hawally police station. A security source said a citizen went to Maidan Hawally police station and told them a dispute took place between him and his Saudi friend, and he agreed to meet in a cafe to discuss the matter. When the conversation got heated, the suspect threatened him with a knife and took KD 1,400 before escaping. The case is being handled by detectives.

Maid charged
An Asian woman escaped from her employer’s house after stealing jewelry, according to the employer’s complaint at Bayan police station. She said that her Asian maid got into her bedroom while she was at the co-op and stole jewelry and cash totaling KD 4,700, and disappeared. Detectives are looking for her. – Al-Anbaa and Al-Rai

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