No GCC poet prosecuted over ‘praise’ poem

KUWAIT: The Interior Ministry denied reports stating that Assistant Undersecretary for Nationality and Passports Major General Mazen Al-Jarrah sent a Gulf poet to court after he praised him in hope of receiving Kuwaiti nationality. If the rumor was correct, it is for sure not linked with the poetry of praise and may be related to forgery and other violations of the law, a ministry source said.

Forty people were arrested by residency detective in Jleeb Al-Shuyiukh during a campaign for violating residency law, and will be deported. The campaign lasted for four hours and also covered Shuwaikh garages.

State of shock
Airport security sent a Russian man to the psychiatric hospital, after he became hysterical and started taking off his clothes at the terminal. The man had recently arrived to Kuwait on a job offer, but was shocked after learning that he will have to work in a Jahra garage, from where he escaped and slept on the streets for 48 hours before heading to airport. The Kuwaiti sponsor was summoned and told police he did not know the Russian had psychological problems, adding that he will pay for his return.

Fatal accident
A citizen killed an Egyptian man after running over him at Sixth Ring Road. The newly married Egyptian, who was with his wife when the incident happened, went to check on his car after it malfunctioned and got hit by the citizen’s vehcile. The citizen called paramedics who pronounced the victim dead, while police took the citizen to Sulaibiya police station for questioning.

Smoke inhalation
Despite repeated warnings to not use charcoal in closed areas, a Sudanese man died after inhaling smoke from a charcoal heater kept inside his tent. After a citizen lost contact with the Sudanese guard of his farm, he later found him lying motionless near burning charcoal. Police and forensic experts went to the scene and found out the victim died of smokes.

Interior Ministry Acting Assistant Undersecretary for General Security Major General Ibrahim Al-Tarrah ordered a Pakistani man who illegally entered the country a few months ago to be deported. Police arrested the man in Shuwaikh for not having an ID or a fingerprint on the record. He then confessed to entering the country illegally.

Wife beater arrested
The public prosecution classified the attack of a citizen against his wife as a felony, as he caused her critical injuries and fractures. The citizen was arrested and taken to police station for legal action. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Anbaa

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