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No grace period for iqamas that expired in Sept

KUWAIT: Well-informed security sources said residency affairs departments have received instructions to apply the law on expats whose residencies expired on Sept 1 and who haven’t renewed them, pointing out that they are not included in the grace extension period given till the end of Nov 2020.

The sources told local Arabic daily Al-Anbaa that others whose residency or visit visas had expired from March till the end of August will be exempted from the fines, while those whose visas expired starting Sept 1 will be fined KD 2 a day unless they apply at a residency affairs department to get extensions.

Further, the sources justified the verbal instructions already in effect to the fact that expats whose visas expired on Sept 1 have no excuse for not renewing them, especially since residency affairs departments had started receiving the public by the end of June.

In addition, the sources stressed that other residency and visit visas that had expired before the end of August will be automatically extended till the end of November without any fines, and holders will have to legalize their status as soon as possible. Finally, the sources noted that new instructions indicate that no further grace periods would be given beyond the end of November, adding that extending absence permits for expats stranded abroad will continue provided their residency visas remain valid.

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