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Not security, for heaven’s sake

Badrya Darwish
Badrya Darwish

Oh, at last – a light, said Columbus. At last the miracle happened and we wake up to the fact that our airport security is not up to standard. Actually, pretty much everything at the airport is not up to par but security is the most pressing issue. It’s the main concern especially nowadays with the hysteria of terrorism all over the world.

Kuwait is a well traveled nation, Alhumdulilah. Why for so many years have we kept quiet about the situation at the airport? – Except for a few articles here and there from time to time in the newspapers which were largely ignored. Is it not the duty of the honorable gentlemen in parliament to raise this issue and pursue it? Why did we have to wait for the Americans to throw water in our eyes and threaten us that our national airline would be blocked from flying to New York? Why because we lack security in our airport in Kuwait!

Then, I heard that there is a project or plan to privatize security at the airport. I think this is the worst idea that a country could adopt to privatize its security. Are you kidding me, guys? Security is the main concern of the country and the government and we have a well funded and quite large Ministry of Interior specifically tasked with this role. Actually, in fact, privatizing security anywhere in the country but especially the airport is an insult to our Ministry of Interior.

If our officers lack the training, that’s no problem. Send them to the US, UK or elsewhere to train on airport security procedures and protocols. Anyway, they should already be receiving training as security systems and protocols are updated regularly. But please stop them from using their mobiles when they are on duty. How many times have you passed through the airport and noticed that the customs officers are busy chatting on their mobiles or sending messages? Not all of them but definitely a majority. There should be quality control even in the army, the officers and the ministers. People are people everywhere, if there is no control they will slack. It’s not a miracle to make it happen, it only needs the political will.

By Badrya Darwish
[email protected]

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