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Nothing happens without Allah’s will

By Hassan Twaha Bwambale

It is important to note and acknowledge that everything that happens has already been pre-ordained by Allah (the Almighty and Majestic). Nothing happens without Allah’s will, and there is wisdom behind whatever happens. During Prophet Muhammad’s time, the hypocrites and other enemies of Islam used to grieve over whatever bounty the Muslims were blessed with, and rejoiced whenever the Muslims were afflicted with a trial.

In such a situation, when Muslims faced a hardship, their enemies would claim that they didn’t take precautions. Allah (SWT) instructed Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to inform them that nothing would befall the Muslims without Allah’s will. We read in the Noble Quran, what can be translated as: “Say, ‘Nothing will befall us except what Allah has decreed for us. He is our protector, and upon Allah let the believers rely” (At-Tawbah 9: 51).

If any affliction strikes you, Allah (the Almighty and Majestic) is the only one who can remove it. We read in the Noble Quran, translated as: “If Allah afflicts you with any hardship, none other than Him can remove it. And if He wills good for you, none can block His bounty. He grants His bounty to whomever He wills among His servants. And He is the All-Forgiving and Most Merciful” (Yunus 10: 107).

Therefore, it is very important to completely submit to Allah (SWT) and depend entirely on Him. Whenever you are afflicted with a hardship, remember the following two elements of true reliance on Allah (SWT):
a. To believe, trust, surrender and rely on Him completely, without any iota of doubt.

b. Take precautionary measures if you see or sense that danger is looming in the horizon. And if an affliction strikes you, try your level best to find a way out with the realization that none can remove it except Allah (SWT). So do not depend on the means, but rather on Allah (SWT). Conversely, if you have some goals that you intend to achieve, take effective means of success, keeping in mind that everything happens by Allah’s will. Therefore, it is imperative to take effective means of success and find credible solutions to our problems with the realization that nothing happens without the will of Allah (SWT).

Guiding us towards true dependence on Allah (SWT), Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, translated as: Abu Huraira (RA) narrated that the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said, translated as: “A strong believer is better and more beloved to Allah than a weak believer, and there is good in both. Be keen to do and say things that are beneficial for you, seek help from Allah, and do not lose heart. And if any trouble befalls you, don’t say, “Had I done such and such” (it would not have happened). But rather say, “Allah has pre-ordained (everything), and whatever He wills happens. For “if” or “had I” opens the (door) for the Devil” (to tempt you) (Muslim # 2, 664).

Among the lessons that we learn from the above-mentioned Hadeeth, is that we should work hard to find solutions to our problems, and never to lose hope.
It should also be clearly understood that if you are afflicted with any hardship despite all your precautionary measures, then there is reason for that and Allah (SWT) will reward you abundantly if you patiently persevere and avoid any negative statement or thought about Him.

Abu Saeed Al-Khudrey and Abu Huraira (RA) narrated that the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said, translated as: No believer is afflicted by a chronic or normal disease, fatigue, sadness or grief except that it expiates some of his sins” (Saheeh Muslim # 2, 573).

What are the supplications to repeat during a difficult situation? Uthman bin Affaan (RA) narrated that Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) said, translated as: “Whoever recites three times (at night): “In the name of Allah, with Whose name (when mentioned) nothing on Earth or in Heaven can harm (anyone), and He is the All-Hearing, the All-Knower,” no sudden affliction will befall him until morning, and if anyone says it in the morning, no sudden affliction will befall him until the evening” (Al-Albani rated it as Saheeh (authentic) in Saheeh Abi Dawud # 5,088).

Anas bin Malik (RA) narrated that the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) used to say (in supplication), translated as: “O Allah, I seek refuge in You from leprosy, leukoderma, madness and (all) evil (infectious) diseases” (Al-Albani rated it as Saheeh (authentic) in Saheeh Abi Dawud # 1, 554).

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