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Nurseries’ licenses stopped until new department is ready: Ministry official

Hanaa Al-Hajery

KUWAIT: With the increasing number of nurseries that have reached over 680, a new department of the ministry of social affairs will be formed soon to manage the affairs of nurseries in Kuwait. For this purpose, a ministry decree was issued recently to form this department with enough staff for supervision.

Hanaa Al-Hajery, Deputy Undersecretary of Social Development and Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Family Affairs, explained that the Ministry of Social Affairs (MSA) has stopped issuing new licenses for nurseries until the new department is ready to operate. “The decree was issued and was approved by the Civil Service Commission. There are still some technical procedures that have to be done at the ministry, including setting the number of employees in the department, their degrees and so on,” she told Kuwait Times.

Previously, the Cabinet had decided to move the supervision of the nurseries to the ministry of education from the MSA, but this decision was canceled. “Due to the young age of children attending the nurseries, it was decided that nurseries be supervised by the MSA. Previously, the mother and childhood department was in charge and now the new department will replace it,” added Hajery.

The child’s rights law issued by MSA mandates inspection of nurseries. “The law also specifies sanctions against violators, aiming to protect the child in educational, cultural and other aspects. It also deals with violence against children. Therefore, we need more staff to supervise and inspect the huge number of nurseries. For this purpose, the new department was formed including inspections, issuance of licenses, legal matters and others,” she explained.

“There are many unlicensed nurseries, and it is the responsibility of MSA along with other authorities to inspect them. Also, new rules will be added or changed when issuing a new license for a nursery,” concluded Hajery.

By Nawara Fattahova

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