Did Obama found Islamic State (IS)?

Trump’s words of accusation have been said over the past six years as political analyses

Although the statements of the new US President Donald Trump call for laughter and would knock everyone on their backs with it, his accusations that his predecessor Obama and his administration were behind founding the Islamic State (IS) call for real investigations to be done by relevant American authorities including the Congress and other security apparatuses. It also calls us here in the region that has been suffering because of this terrorist organization to take the matter more seriously and not as a mere slip of tongue or a silly joke.

Trump might be making such accusations against Obama, who spent eight years in the White House and had access to a lot of what can and cannot be discussed in public, because he has enough information about what his predecessor did, not as a normal person but as the president of the US, the world’s most important country. If such accusations prove right and Obama did found IS, all relevant US authorities and other countries that have suffered the consequences should investigate the matter.

The new president should not be just saying things at random. He should be sure of every word coming out of his mouth. He should be responsible for such statements. Otherwise, the Republican Party should not have nominated him for the presidency and would now have to reconsider Trump’s competence for a position that is not only significant for Americans, but for all mankind around the globe.

Even if Trump meant that the Obama administration was behind founding IS through its actions and policies and how it handled the situations in Syria or the entire Middle East, and not in the literal meaning of the word, the matter should still be taken seriously. It should be investigated and those responsible should be held accountable, because this terrorist organization had and is still committing terrible crimes in the Arab region, Europe, US and the entire world.

Trump’s words of accusation have been said over the past six years as political analyses and deductions that could prove right or wrong, but to be directly made by a man in Trump’s new position, this should not be taken lightly or as mere slander or joke. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Jarida

By Saleh Al-Qallab

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