Officers, suspect Injured in raid

KUWAIT: A lieutenant colonel and two officers were injured during a raid of a Taima house, while a bedoon man was hit by a bullet. A security source said Mubarak Al-Kabeer detectives went to the house of a bedoon to arrest a wanted man, but those in the house resisted and injured the detectives. The injured were taken to hospital, and the rest were arrested.

Debris removed The Municipality’s Public Relations Department said the trash and debris removed by the cleanliness and road occupancy unit at Mubarak Al-Kabeer amounted to 3,800 truckloads. The report said the number of hauled loads of organic material was 1,400, scrap and trees 1,200 and construction debris 1,200 loads. The report said 45 abandoned and displayed vehicles were removed. The report said the total amount of money collected from fees and violations reached KD 4,600.

Licenses renewal Kuwait Municipality Public Relations said the number of new billboard licenses or renewed ones during the second third of August reached 153, and collected fees reached KD 21,202. These numbers reflect records made during a camping launched by the municipality under to help renew licenses. Director of the licenses department in Farwaniya municipality Talal Al-Azmi said the number of new licenses issued are 31 and KD 4,176 were collected, while the number of licenses renewed is 122, and fees collected were KD 17,026.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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