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‘Oil Tankers’ union supports ‘Gulf Oil’ staff demands

KUWAIT: Head of the workers union at Kuwait Oil Tankers Company (KOTC) announced the union’s support and participation with workers of Kuwait Gulf Oil Company (KGOC) in all measures the union is taking. Mutairi expressed regret over the latest developments with KOGC workers and the deadlock in negotiations, which may lead to uncertain results. He said KGOC gave official undertakings not to apply the biometric based employee time clocks for workers at the joint Khafji operations in the divided zone, until the system is implemented for all workers of other oil companies.

Mutairi said that among the aims of labor unions is to care for the workers’ interests and improve their financial and social conditions. He said we are keen on seeing our national economy improve as well as our oil production but within the laws and international treaties. Mutairi found it strange for the company not to negotiate with the union to resolve the workers’ issues, and wondered when employers will understand the role unions play.

He said that workers’ demands must be considered seriously and KGOC must respect the rules that regulate the relationship between it and the union, as well as signed agreements, and stay away from abusing the rights of workers and contain the crisis that is growing daily. There must be a solution, he added.

Mullet fishing
President of Kuwait Fishermen’s Union Thaher Al-Suwayan said there is a rise in the numbers of blue-spot mullet fish, along with an increase in demand. He said customers come to the market early to buy fresh mullet, but some government authorities forbid its sale until the auction, which takes place after Asr prayers. Mullet used to be sold all day long without any auction, but a new system banned that. He said some consumers wonder why the sale is delayed until after Asr, although the fish is available in the market. Suwayan said areas where fishing mullet is allowed are east of Ouha, Miskan, Failaka and Boubyan islands, where the fish is rare, while it is abundant in Kuwait Bay, where fishing is banned.

Health licenses
Municipal Council member and president of the technical committee Fahd Al-Sane said the committee recommended the approval of his proposal to add new activities to the commercial activities that receive health licenses from the municipality. Sane said the committee approved the first southern zone and the fifth regional zone as mentioned in the studies of the executive department which allocated the locations of land in both areas.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi

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