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Okaz Knights at Taif season bring history to life

The 13th edition of Souk Okaz, being held as part of Taif Season, features theatrical performances depicting Arab life in previous eras, including knights from antiquity and historic camel caravans.  The supervisor of the Knights Club in Souk Okaz, Daifallah Al-Jaid, said that the scenes being presented by 50 “knights” and 100 camel riders are based on times of up to 1,500 years ago, enabling visitors to get an idea of the life-styles prevalent in the period.

The knights and camel jockeys can be seen in Okaz Avenue and other areas, including the historical markets; performers enact the roles assigned to them, with knights roaming on horseback and camel caravans parading through the market throughout the day.  The distinctive costumes for the Okaz knights were carefully crafted, drawing on international expertise and designers from Arab countries to create authentic clothes and weapons, including spears, swords and shields.

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