Old foes settle score in parking lot brawl – ‘Fast breakers’ arrested

KUWAIT: Old differences between two citizens resurfaced when both of them met accidentally in the parking lot of Mubarak Al-Kabeer Cooperative and exchanged blows in front of passersby. Both of them produced medical reports about the injuries they sustained, then lodged complaints at the police station. Both are being questioned in order to take the necessary legal action.

‘Fast breakers’ arrested
Ahmadi security director Brigadier Abdullah Saffah sent three citizens and a Yemeni for smoking hashish in public during the Ramadan daytime. A police patrol saw a car with four persons smoking cigarettes during the day, so the car was stopped. Meanwhile, an expat was arrested for drinking laban during the day in Fintas.

Ingrate son detained
A citizen in Qurain beat his father and did not stop until Mubarak Al-Kabeer policemen intervened and took him to the police station, where he was charged. Interior Ministry operations received a call from a man seeking help as his son was beating him to impose his opinion, so policemen went to the residence. Policemen controlled the ungrateful son and took him to the police station.

Neighbors’ row
A citizen stabbed his neighbor with a piece of glass after he collided with his new car. The victim lodged a complaint at Rehab police station. A security source said that the citizen attacked his neighbor with a glass shard in the arm during a fight. Neighbors broke up the fight and the injured man went to Farwaniya Hospital. He then went to the police station and lodged a complaint. The suspect will be sent to the public prosecution for further action. Separately, a citizen claimed that her neighbor and his wife beat her in front of her building in Farwaniya. The citizen went to the police station with a medical report and lodged a complaint against the couple. Police are investigating.

Drug-related arrests
A drugs user was arrested by Jahra police while going around the streets with shabu, Captagon and hashish. He was sent with the illicit material to the Drugs Control General Department. Meanwhile, a citizen was arrested by Hawally police for using drugs when he was found in Salwa having drugs on him. He was sent to concerned authorities. An Indian man was also arrested with 77 bottles. A citizen in Salwa was arrested with eight heroin capsules, and another was arrested in Nugra with ‘chemical.’

Liquor possession
Jleeb Al-Shuyiukh police arrested an expat with 44 bags of homebrewed liquor. He said he sold a bag for KD 2.5. The man was sent to the proper authorities for further action.

Home robbery
An Egyptian man found that his apartment was broken into and discovered that KD 3,200 and a case that contained documents belonging to him and his family were stolen. The haris (building’s janitor) said he did not notice anything strange happening in the building, so the tenant went to Maidan Hawally police station and lodged a complaint. Criminal detectives lifted fingerprints from the crime scene.

Property damage
A citizen called 112 and told them about a person stoning vehicles on the road leading to Fahaheel industrial area. The person escaped as soon as he saw the police, who took down the license plate number of the car.

Designer, client fight
A citizen and a Lebanese employee exchanged verbal insults in front of Salmiya policemen, so both were charged accordingly, and it was found the fight was due to the stitching of the Eid dress. The citizen said that she agreed with the Lebanese on a certain design for her dress, but later discovered it was different. Investigations are underway. – Al-Rai

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