Only in Kuwait

Talal Al-Ghannam

Good morning readers, I wish you all a new happy and prosperous new academic year. In today’s piece I would like to talk about the odd things that are taking place in Kuwait. Only in Kuwait you will see erratic drivers racing an ambulance that is rushing a patient to a nearby hospital. You will see these reckless drivers tailgating the ambulance or try to compete with it from other lanes.

Only in Kuwait, when one goes to receive someone at the airport, you see the entire family consisting of a father, mother, youngsters, housemaid, relatives, neighbors, far cousins, nephews and nieces causing chaos and unwanted jam whereas in European countries one or maximum two people welcome a guest.

Only in Kuwait, reckless drivers are not afraid of police cars on the highway where you see many of them tend to speed up near the patrol car knowing some policemen are either busy with their smart phones or taking a nap.

Only in Kuwait, you will see cars zigzagging between lanes on a road with zillion manholes trying to avoid them ending up crashing into the cars next to them.

Only in Kuwait, you have no idea what the hygiene is like in many cheap restaurants and what happens behind the curtains. At an Indian restaurant that I used to go to, I noticed the chef behind the screen sneezing into the pan and wiping his nose with the same hand while making chapattis. How gross.

Only in Kuwait, a Kuwaiti is charged triple the cost of car painting whereas other nationalities are charged only one quarter of that cost. An Egyptian friend of mine painted his entire car in Jleeb for only 30 KD and was told by the Asian worker that this price is only for expatriates but for Kuwaitis it is 100 KD.

Only in Kuwait, walking in a government hospital is like walking in the Avenues.

Only in Kuwait appointments in public hospitals are given after the patient dies and is buried.

Only in Kuwait, Eid holidays feel like any ordinary Friday.

Only in Kuwait, cleaners from a certain Arab nationality show hostile attitude towards Kuwaiti tenants wanting to rent a flat as if Kuwait is their country.

Only in Kuwait, a low-wage worker from a certain nationality can put the sun in one of your hand and the moon in the other. This guy either becomes a wasta or a difficult task is done through him.

Only in Kuwait, a public fish auction in Mubarkya takes place in a parking lot causing leaving a bad smell every morning.

Only in Kuwait, beggars come on a visit visa and leave with thousands of dinars if not caught.

By Talal Al-Ghannam
[email protected]


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