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Ooredoo celebrates Kuwait’s National Days

Yousef Al-Shallal

KUWAIT: February is Kuwait’s special month. On the occasion of the country’s independence and liberation anniversaries, Ooredoo Telecom, the first to introduce innovative digital services in Kuwait, launched its unique national song as a commemorative gift to Kuwait and its people. The song is intended to develop and promote a culture of initiative, making young individuals its main characters and boosting their creativity, talent, citizenship and solidarity, in adherence to national values.

At the same time, the song also comes as part of Ooredoo Kuwait’s corporate social responsibility program and in its constant efforts to unleash young people’s creativity and innovation, and mirror the diversity in Kuwait’s cultural music and heritage. The song’s video blends between the traditional Kuwaiti heritage and culture with contemporary and trendy youth culture, to reflect the deep-rooted love and devotion that the people from across all Kuwait’s diverse society have for their country.

The lyrics, likewise, are a blend of classical Arabic and Kuwaiti dialect, to reflect the same spirit of harmony between the traditional and the modern in contemporary Kuwait. This perfect blend makes the song a shining example to others.

Every life has a rhythm, every rhythm has a pattern, and every pattern has a segment that admires it. Thus, each segment has its unique way to celebrate life and its occasions, some prefer spending time in serenity scrolling their devices, while others tend more to discover music that fills them with emotions, and of course for those who love to meditate, prefer sitting on the seashore contemplating its accelerating waves and the reflection of the city lights on its surface, so their imagination reaches the sky.

Not to forget our beloved children, and what awaits them from a shining future, they have their innocent way to celebrate. Some of them love elegancy and celebrate their white clothes that simply resemble their innocence and childhood. There, Ooredoo Tower stands tall in the midst of the accelerating technological civilization, preserving the originality and heritage of which our beloved country, Kuwait, is proud of.

Ooredoo Kuwait believes in the patriotic song as one of the most important national symbols of the state, which is based on raising the spirits of the people, strengthening and solidifying the citizens’ relationship with their homeland.

Moreover, the name of the song was inspired by the fact that Ooredoo Kuwait is close to all and only one step away from customers to better serve them, meet all their demands and improve their experience. The song is sung by Kuwaiti artists, Abdulaziz Louis and Queen G, written by lyricist Saad Al-Musallam, and produced and executed by Senyar Group.

Commenting on the launching of the song, Yousef Al-Shallal, Director of Marketing at Ooredoo Kuwait, said: “we seize every opportunity to share the community its pride in the homeland. Today, we celebrate the independence of the State of Kuwait, appreciating the country we live in, and honoring young talents.”


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