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Ooredoo concludes RoadRush sponsorship

KUWAIT: Ooredoo Kuwait concluded the sponsorship of the ninth edition of the RoadRush Racing Competition for Women which took place at Kuwait Motor Town last Friday. This sponsorship stems from the alignment with the company’s core values of caring, connecting, and challenging. It further underscores the company’s commitment to empowering women and giving them the opportunity to live their passions. The RoadRush Racing Competition included a number of exciting and engaging activities such as RoadRush Market, RoadRush Kid’s Wonderland, a Yemeni Band performance and also a magnificant live performance by Miami band, as well as many other fun activities. Al Babtain Turnkey Solutions also participated at the event with Ooredoo by giving away prizes to participants.

The RoadRush Racing Competition focused on professional and safe practise of motorsports, with the presence of international professionals that gave the Women drivers a chance to try out the circuit at Kuwait Motor Town. With the help of Ali Alghanim & Sons Automotive Co. the attendees had a unique chance to try out the McLaren 720S Hypercar and the BMW M Power sport line-up with the guidance of one of the designated professional drivers. Furthermore some of the other highlights include a drag racing show and a drift show that wowed the audience.

Kuwait Motor Town is a 2.6 million-meter square motor town and is the meeting place for the world’s most important car races, such as the FIA and FI, and our sponsorship of RoadRush is a clear translation of our commitment to bridging the gap between the private sector and public sector, especially when it comes to such important events that cater to the Kuwaiti society.

Commenting on this sponsorship, Mijbil Alayoub, Senior Director of Corporate Communications at Ooredoo Kuwait said, “We are very proud to have sponsored such an event which is aimed at promoting motor sports to women, which are dominated by men. This event allowed women to experience the thrills of racing and provide them with the chance to pursue their passion”. Alayoub further added that Ooredoo will look forward to participating in similar events in the future.

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