Ooredoo Kuwait collaborates with Citrix to offer innovative solutions


KUWAIT: Ooredoo Kuwait continues to boost the efficiency and quality of its services, which contributes to solidify the company’s performance. Ooredoo Telecom, the first to introduce innovative digital services in Kuwait, announced its collaboration with Citrix to provide innovative digital workspace technology solutions.

The world is officially transforming into digitalization, and organizations are shifting into a distributed, hybrid-cloud, multi-device world, aiming to deliver a consistent workplace experience whenever and wherever work needs to get done, as well as maintain security from one side and preserve control from another side.

Building a flexible, secured, integrated digital workplace is not an option for organizations nowadays, it is a necessity to first develop and then sustain a competitive advantage and unlock human potential and creativity. This is where the collaboration between Ooredoo and Citrix comes in. Citrix empowers employees to innovate and work efficiently through its effective digital workspace technologies including; Citrix Workspace App, Virtual Apps & Desktops, Endpoint Management, ADC (Application Delivery Controller), Analytics for security, cloud computing technologies, and more.

Virtual Apps & Desktops provide cloud and computing solutions in which individuals have the privilege of connecting to their computing environment and accessing the data from wherever the internet connection is available without being limited by place, time or devices. Such digital technologies and solutions offer organizations the advantage of enjoying efficient management of physical recourses and deployment of secure and remote app and desktops.

Moreover, Citrix Endpoint Management allows organizations to dynamically apply security policies, procedures and technologies to protect their corporate data regardless of where it is accessed or resides and enable device freedom for the end user without getting in the way of their experience. Citrix Application Delivery Controller enables organizations to rapidly and cost-effectively leverage world-class application delivery capabilities, enhances security and compliance for all applications and data.

“Operational consistency and efficiency are two sides of the same coin, and at Ooredoo we remain committed to providing our customers unified digital platforms and innovative solutions that will help them implement digital transformation and improve productivity and performance” Ooredoo Kuwait commented on this collaboration.

“We are delighted to become as the first Citrix partner in the State of Kuwait which will maintain our focus on delivering a unified, secure, and intelligent work platform that transforms the employee experience by organizing, guiding, and automating all activities users need to operate optimally”.

The close collaboration between Ooredoo and Citrix will respond to the changing market and corporate demands, and meet the future digitalization requirements of the public and private sector organizations by focusing on making the world’s apps and data secure and easy to access.

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