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Ooredoo Kuwait surprises mothers with burst of cheer

Mijbil Alayoub

KUWAIT: It goes without saying that mothers influence us the most and their unwavering compassion impacts us deeply. In view of that, Ooredoo Telecom, the first to introduce innovative digital services in Kuwait, in collaboration with DOH, a local, artisanal, handcrafted donut line, recognized this year’s Mother’s Day and distributed DOH brunch trays with sentimental message to all the strong accomplished mothers and women in Kuwait.

The campaign came to ensure the fact that Ooredoo proudly embrace all mothers as a highly compassionate figures that not only care for their immediate families and children, but also to their communities and their nations as well. Ooredoo is aware that this year’s Mother’s Day is different due to COVID-19, however, even such a global pandemic did not prevent Ooredoo to recognize mothers and celebrate their unconditional love and care for their children self-sacrificingly, their essential role in creating a stable and healthy family environment, and looking after the whole family’s wellbeing.

Mijbil Alayoub, Senior Director, Corporate Communications, Ooredoo Kuwait, said: “Mothers are extremely valuable in the sight of all societies. Not only do they protect their families and their children in particular, but they bear life and give warmth and care. This protection, validates the high premium mothers place on family centrality, an essential component of Kuwaiti womanism. Lovingly and responsibly, the Kuwaiti woman is the mother of all humankind, and thus, unquestionably the supreme mother nurturer.”

Alayoub added: “Our collaboration with DOH goes in-line with Ooredoo’s corporate social responsibility in supporting talented local businesses, youth and creative minds. And undoubtedly, DOH owns it all.” From her side, Fouz Al-Khonaini, CEO and Managing Partner, DOH, said: “Our shared vision of empowering local talents, and bringing the best experiences to customers and the public, is the goal. Our collaboration with Ooredoo Kuwait came to honor mothers and bring them a joyous experience.”

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