Ooredoo Proud of Protégés Achievements

As part of its ongoing support for youth

Ooredoo officials pose for a group photo with members of the Proteges campaign

KUWAIT: Ooredoo, the fastest network in Kuwait, is proud of the achievements of the 6th generation of the Protégés youth development program. The mentor-based program focuses on giving students an unparalleled experience to hone their skills and instill the values of leadership and innovation in them.

Commenting on this, Ooredoo Corporate Communications Senior Director Mijbil Alalyoub said: “We take great pride in our sponsorship of Protégés; an effective and life changing program that allows youth to gain essential and practical skills and knowledge that will allow them to grow with a stronger sense of direction. Moreover, youth have long been a key element of our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and by taking part in this initiative we are given the chance to directly contribute to the development of our youth’s skills and know-how, and in turn their future as decision makers and the leaders of tomorrow’s Kuwait”.

The 6th generation of the Protégés titled their project ‘Waseelah,’ an Arabic word that means ‘path’ or ‘way.’ Waseelah is a platform that strives to raise awareness that all talents are influential, and motivate the general public to express themselves through various forms of art. It has culminated in the musical production entitled the Key of Life, which uses music and acting to demonstrate the types of classical Arabic music.

Ooredoo Kuwait has also played an active role in supporting Protégés activities, which include the lecture presented by Professor Fathi Al-Khamisi’s on the revolutionary work of the Egyptian musician Sayed Darwish, and the introductory session that was held with the main mentors for this season of Protégés.

The Protégés program was launched in 2010, with the objective to mentor youth between the age of 16 and 24 by local iconic figures in different fields. The program aims to reinforce the social and personal skills of youth, develop their self-awareness and improve their critical and creative thinking. The program includes workshops, projects and open discussion circles. This year’s program was kicked off early July and will continue for 6 weeks.

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