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Ooredoo supports ministries with ‘Safe Education’ campaign

KUWAIT: As part of its constant support to the efforts of the state and governmental bodies in the country, and the ‘Safe Education’ campaign, Ooredoo Telecom, the first to introduce innovative digital services in Kuwait, visited Maria Alqubtiya High School to ensure a safe return of students to schools in a healthy educational environment, along with encouraging students to continue adhering to the health instructions to protect themselves and others. Thus, the company distributed facemask masks and sterilization tools.

The ‘Safe Education’ campaign aims to educate all students and their families about the importance of adhering to the instructions of the Ministry of Health and the application of health requirements such as; maintaining a physical distancing inside and outside school classrooms and the need to wear masks, in addition to their cooperation with school administrations in implementing precautionary measures to achieve security, safety and community prevention.

It is noteworthy that the “Safe Education” campaign came as a result of a collaboration of the Ministries of Education, Interior, Health and Information, with the participation of Ooredoo Kuwait and other prestigious companies in the country, hence, the campaign will continue throughout the academic year 2021-2022.

Mijbil Al-Ayoub

Commenting on the school visit, Senior Director, Corporate Communications at Ooredoo Kuwait, Mijbil Al-Ayoub, said: “Successful companies must seek creativity and sophistication in adapting social responsibility initiatives. Creative responsible companies are committed companies that contribute to creating better societies, and this is what we always strive for in Ooredoo. Ensuring the safety of different society members is everyone’s responsibility, it is a shared vision that all must work towards achieving it, and we will continue supporting the governmental efforts in such initiatives.”

“The school visit came as part of our constant support for the governmental efforts since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic until today. Further, our visit aimed to ensure a safe educational environment, which reflects Ooredoo’s keenness in sustaining its leading position among the telecom companies in the country through its constant commitment to completely support different social initiatives that fall under various areas including; education, healthcare, social and more,” Ayoub added.

The campaign came in line with the start of the academic year 2021-2022 and the return of students to schools after the stabilization of the epidemiological situation as a result of the spread of the COVID-19, as the Ministry of Education is working in cooperation with the relevant ministries to establish all means to ensure the safe conduct of the educational process.


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