Orthopedist gropes patient in hospital

KUWAIT: A security source said an American expat in her 40s told police that when she went to see an orthopedist at a private hospital, the doctor touched sensitive parts of her body. She added that there wasn’t any nurse with him. She said that she admonished him and left the hospital. The doctor, a European national, denied her allegations, but the prosecutor filed a felony complaint.

Bedoon arrested
Weapons detectives carried out a raid on a stable in Jahra. A pen-pistol with 25 rounds was found, in addition to four sticks of hashish in a bedoon’s house. Detectives learned about the bedoon trading in drugs and unusual firearms, and that he was usually armed. The bedoon confessed to trading in firearms and drugs, and was referred to the public prosecution.

Expat found dead
An expat was found dead in the bathroom of a Farwaniya flat. Firemen were called, who broke open the door and found the man. The body was recovered by the coroner.

Workplace harassment
A woman told police that a colleague harassed her at work in a communications ministry department, and she was surprised by him attacking her. The man denied her claims, adding that there are differences between them and her action is malicious.

Parking beating
Two Egyptians told police they were beaten under a building because of a car parking dispute. The two gave police the license plate number of the attacker’s car.

Officer drunk
Jahra security director sent a uniformed man and an Iranian to Sulaibiya police station and charged them with being drunk in a public place. The two were stopped as the car they were in was being driven erratically. The driver was in his military uniform, driving while intoxicated. Meanwhile, Nuwaiseeb customs sent a citizen to the Drugs Control General Department on his arrival while under the influence of drugs. Officers also found four used hashish joints hashish, besides a piece of the drug.

Muggers arrested
Two Jordanians and a Syrian were sent to the public prosecution for involvement in several armed robberies, the latest of which was against an Egyptian who was beaten and his phone and wristwatch stolen. The suspects were identified by the victim. – Al-Anbaa

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