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Otaibi: We won’t participate under the Olympic Flag

Olympic-FlagKUWAIT: President of Arab and Kuwait Shooting Federations Duaij Al-Otaibi said HH The Crown Prince Tournament will start Wednesday at Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Olympic Shooting Complex, with the participation of all GCC countries. Al-Otaibi held a press conference Saturday evening in which he said Kuwait Shooting Sport Club began preparations for this event early, and roles were given to committees to organize the opening of the local sports season, with a major comprehensive championship that includes all Shooting Sports under the name of HH the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jabar Al-Sabah, in appreciation of his role in supporting Kuwait Shooting Sport, enabling it to make so many international achievements including Olympics in the name of Kuwait, the last of which is the qualification of shooter Khalid Al- Mudhaf and Ahmad Al-Afasi to Brazil 2016 Olympics during their participation in Italy.

Al-Otaibi said the Board of Directors agreed on the participation of GCC countries in HH The Crown Prince Tournament, adding that Gulf Shooters will participate for the first time in the archery event, and wished all shooters success. Al-Otaibi said KSSC Board decided to honor the winners at the world championship in Lunato, Italy, Ahmad Al-Afasi in double trap and Khalid Al-Mudhaf, double trap. Al-Otaibi also lauded the achievements of the club’s shooters at the Arab championship which was held in Morocco, achieving great results and first place.

When asked how shooting will be affected with suspensions, Eng. Al-Otaibi expressed regret over how matters deteriorated in Kuwait sports and the suspensions of sports federations. He said we regret the behavior of some Kuwaitis by sending complaint against their country, Kuwait, to suspend sports and levy punishments against their country and athletes. He said there are countries close to us, who have appointed councils and governments interfere in the sports affairs and they are not punished and nobody complain against them. He said the IOC interference in our sports is regretful, adding that we at the KSSC are honored to comply with all Kuwait laws, and the supervision of state institutes does not contradict the Olympic charter. He said in case IOC decide to punish Kuwait sports, Kuwait shooters will not participate in Brazil 2016 Olympics under the Olympic flag, and their participation will only be under Kuwait flag.

By Abdellatif Sharaa

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