Our children

By Abdellatif Sharaa

Let me begin with an appeal to every parent and guardian to keep a close eye on their children in this era of free, open and unlimited communications and it is always advised we must learn about their friends and how they behave, because their influence is very great. Yet while being vigilant, we must have an approach that gives our children absolute confidence to come to us and inform us about whatever they face without fear.

We as a society must shed the stigma our youth fear from once they face a certain situation, as this will allow and help them to stay out of harm’s way, or get out of it before it is too late. A social consultant said that a mother told him her house was turned into something like hell, as her 15-year-old daughter kept screaming and crying because her family refused to give her a phone.

Meanwhile, another mother complained to him that she found many groups on her daughter’s mobile that include youths of both genders who are older than her, adding that most of them were attempting to lead her the wrong way. He added that the mother said the 13-year-old was being added to the groups without knowing who is behind them, and as a result found herself in many suspicious conversations.

When we blame parents alone for what is happening with our children, we actually hide a large portion of the problem, as there are some parents who do not neglect their children, yet they get in trouble. Now that we have realized that the problem is in the pressure of the society and friends, in addition to communications tools, shall we remain idle?

The advisor said the problem is that we do not have the courage to take a decision, adding that for a girl who is x years of age, what is the need for her to have a phone with a SIM card in it? And if you review the phone, you will find gut-wrenching problems.

It is naive to enable our children to get phones and then blame them, for their experience does not allow them to distinguish and they need guidance and supervision. Do not give your young children phones – let them cry now before you cry over the ruins of their behaviors! I say it with confidence that the situation of our children with those devices needs decisiveness and follow up. Do not allow an evil-minded person destroy what you have built over several years with just one or two messages. Be strong, be tough, be loving. I will continue tomorrow.

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