Outrage after pills sold by fashionista kill bride-to-be

KUWAIT: Preliminary information indicates that a 21-year-old Kuwaiti woman who died on the eve of her wedding used weight-loss pills promoted online by a fashionista who claimed to be a doctor. Meanwhile, the health ministry said investigations are underway to look into the death of the woman. The ministry, in a press statement on Friday, advised everyone to steer clear of drugs sold on social media sites due to relevant health hazards, calling for notifying it of such sellers. The ministry recently adopted a set of measures against unlicensed online advertisements for fake drugs.

Kuwaiti writer Laila Ahmad said the fashionista claiming to be a doctor does not have the least medical knowledge, adding she has forged certificates and sells diet pills online. “A young girl took diet pills which a fashionista who claims to be a doctor gave her, causing her organs to fail, leading to her death,” she tweeted. “Thursday was the wedding of the 21-year-old girl, but her wedding party turned into tragedy,” she added, wondering about the health ministry’s failure in monitoring the fashionista’s activities.

Many activists demanded an end to such practices by fashonistas, especially those who claim to be doctors without having the required credentials and recommend supplements for weight reduction. They called on concerned authorities to take strict action towards all those who make untruthful claims.

By A Saleh

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