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Over 70,000 road accidents in 2017: Interior Ministry

28 motorists arrested, 39 vehicles impounded in Friday crackdowns

KUWAIT: This photo released by the Interior Ministry yesterday shows vehicles impounded during a recent crackdown.

KUWAIT: Kuwait’s Interior Ministry said that 70,687 road accidents were recorded and nearly five million traffic violations were issued in Kuwait in 2017 leading to 428 accident-related deaths. The figures were released recently by Interior Ministry’s acting chief spokesman Brig Gen Tawheed Al-Kanderi. In a statement marking the Arab Traffic Week, Kanderi said it aims to remind motorists of the importance of abiding by traffic regulations and road safety guidelines. Amongst these violations, he particularly urged against the use of mobile phones while driving, mentioning this was the major cause of these deaths. A total 55,321 tickets were handed to motorists found in violation. The Interior Ministry media department intends to join its Arab neighbors in a spirit of collaboration throughout the week-long event. It will be handing out brochures and leaflets to the public across numerous government buildings and shopping malls and will launch several public announcements over public and social media platforms, he added.

Separately, the Interior Ministry announced yesterday that 28 motorists were arrested while 39 vehicles were impounded during traffic campaigns conducted in different places around Kuwait Friday night. A total of 96 traffic tickets were issued in the crackdowns that covered the Arabian Gulf Road, Second Ring Road, Damascus Street, Maghreb Expressway, Ibrahim Al-Mezyen Road and Jahra Road, the ministry’s Relations and Security Media Department said in a statement, noting that more similar crackdowns are expected throughout this week.

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