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PACI service allows owners to verify tenants’ info online

KUWAIT: The Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) has introduced a service for property owners to check on residents and complain online in case of any inaccurate data. PACI Director General Musaed Al-Asousi said after the launch of Kuwait Mobile ID as a secure electronic ID of an individual according to the e-transactions law, it is possible to display the information of residents of real estate owners’ properties.

This move compliments a service launched in 2018 enabling landlords to check any addition or omission of residents at the properties they own. Asousi said the goal behind this service is to adhere to transparency and enable the owner to be one of the monitoring tools, in addition to strict procedures by PACI for change of address, which requires documents and the fingerprints of the renter to guarantee their appearance in person, as well as the landlord’s fingerprints to guarantee their knowledge and approval of the renter to reside at their property.

Asousi said the service is in agreement with transparency requirements of Nazaha. He said the service enables the owner to complain online after completing a survey, because the authority noticed that at times the lease contract is signed by a family member without the knowledge of other members, especially in cases of inherited property.

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