Pakistani Teacher arrested for child abuse

KUWAIT: A video clip showing a teacher molesting a girl inside a house led to his arrest. The suspect, a 65-year-old Pakistani, gave private lessons in his house, where some girls were abused. A security source said a video clip of an elderly teacher harassing a girl who was in his house for private tuitions led vice detectives to investigate the case. The investigations led them to identify a suspect who works for a private school. The man has been living in Kuwait for 35 years. Detectives waited for him outside his house and arrested him. He confessed to abusing some girls. Detectives are investigating.

Thief overpowered
A citizen foiled the attempt of a thief who tried to mug him near a mall in Salmiya. The suspect begged him for forgiveness, but the citizen did not oblige and called police, who detained him at the police station. The suspect had attacked the citizen near his car and demanded his money, but the man overpowered him.

Ex-husband charged
A female citizen called Mubarak Al-Kabeer police for help, claiming her ex-husband stormed into her house and threatened to kill her, then abducted their two children. Detectives are working on the case. – Al-Rai

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