Parents of all bombs!

Muna Al Fuzai

At the weekend, the world was awoken by a US military strike with the so-called MOAB (Mother of All Bombs). The operation targeted the Islamic State (IS) in Afghanistan, which killed 36 militants and destroyed their base and a large stash of weapons. The 9,800-kg bomb was dropped on a tunnel complex used by IS. While the strike did not eliminate IS completely, it carried out its mission as planned and also sent a message that the US is back and will start using its weapons heavily. This operation raised many questions, but without answers. How powerful is the ‘mother of all bombs’ and what is the deal behind it now? What’s next?

The US also fired several rockets at terrorist targets in Syria this week. America’s clearly back to war in the Middle East and with the full force of weapons. I personally support all operations to combat terror, its cells and even supporters anywhere and at any cost. If this is the price to reach peace and secure the life of millions of innocents, so be it.

Chief Executive of Afghanistan Abdullah Abdullah confirmed that the attack had been carried out in coordination with the government and that “great care had been taken to avoid civilian harm.”  But not everyone was in agreement with the official talk, because former Afghan president Hamid Karzai condemned the attack as “an inhuman and the most brutal misuse of our country.”

The mother of all bombs reminded me of the statements of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein when he called his war “the mother of all battles,” in which he was defeated badly. So I hope not to see such extreme confidence in military strikes – I think of it as a bad omen. The war against IS is not about military weapons – it is a war against the spread of extremist ideas and this task is for everyone.

At the time when the world was busy talking about the mother of all bombs, which is approximately valued at $16 million, some press reports spoke about a Russian bomb called FOAB (Father of All Bombs), which they claim has stronger features than the MOAB! I think we are witnessing the end of the Cold War forever now.

I believe the world is perched at the beginning of a world war or its manifestations and this should lead everyone to consider its possible implications. This requires serious preparations. The GCC does not represent a military force, therefore it is better for the Gulf states to focus on the preservation of their internal security so as not to allow IS members or agents to sneak in from abroad, because the war against terrorism does not end with military strikes.

The security level should be increased and checkpoints and inspection at airports should be upgraded. Threats to food security or disruption of water supplies means a priority plan must be prepared for the population, whether citizens or expatriates. The war on terror is not a picnic and has a long agenda. I believe when the military machine enters it, this means the internal readiness of every country is essential.

By Muna Al-Fuzai
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