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Parliamentary committee discusses lifting sports ban

Integrated sports industry the long-term goal

KUWAIT: The parliamentary sports and youth committee discussed, at its first meeting yesterday, blueprints “on lifting suspension of the local sports activities,” due to expire by January 11th. The parliamentary sports and youth committee rapporteur, MP Ahmad Al- Fadhl, said in a statement after the meeting that part of the discussed plan “is related to building an integrated sports industry; however such an objective would warrant a long-time to be attained.”

“This strategic plan has been drafted on the basis of communications with the associations that halted the Kuwaiti sports activities, with the intention of lifting the ban in exchange for our commitment to forward a law that is compatible with Olympic charters and laws,” said Al-Fadhl. The examined blueprint envisages working out another legislation, stipulating privatization of the Kuwaiti sports, “with consideration to all the remarks that have been expressed by the international parties,” he added. He opined that developing the “Kuwaiti sports movement is the basis; not lifting the ban,” in addition to promoting “athletic awareness” in the Kuwaiti community.

The parliamentary commission has invited Minister of Information, Minister of State for Youth Affairs Sheikh Salman Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah to attend its next meeting due on Tuesday, in addition to another session that might be held yesterday, Al-Fadhl said. He added that the meeting primarily aimed at examining the government proposals on lifting the suspension and combining them with those forwarded by the parliament, “with aim of reaching a consensus formula to be addressed to the international federations,” however he explained that the message addressed by the government to these associations “is sufficient.” The five-member committee elected MP Saadoun Hammad as chairman and Al- Fadhl as deputy. —KUNA

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