Passenger arrested for identity theft

KUWAIT: A GCC national entered Kuwait on April 23 using his relative’s ID, but was discovered by an officer at the passports counter while he was trying to leave the country on Monday. The man said that he used the ID in order to enter Kuwait and take advantage of free medical attention at public hospitals, adding that the ID’s owner does not know about the case. The passport officer noticed that the man pictured on the ID looked different to the passenger, so he sent him to the security supervisor. The suspect was eventually arrested on charges with forgery.

No injuries in fire
Fire engulfed part of a government building under construction in Saad Al-Abdullah, before firemen were able to put it out. Fire men who responded to the call succeeded in containing the flames and limiting it to one area before putting the fire out. No injuries were reported in the incident. Meanwhile, an investigation went underway to determine the cause of fire.

Search for shoplifter
Detectives are working on identifying and arresting a face-veiled woman who stole money from a store after distracting the employee there. The store’s Kuwaiti owner told officers at Meidan Hawally police station and the woman flirted with the employee then took the money and left, as cameras recorded her action. She stole KD 334 in cash in total.

Physical assault
An Egyptian man insisted on filing physical assault charges against a Kuwaiti citizen; who in turn insisted to file a case against him for ‘snooping’ on his family. Police ended up pressing charges against the citizen after investigations revealed that the Egyptian man not actually snooping, but in fact was waiting for his friend who lives in the same building. – Translated from the Arabic press

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