Passengers caught with drugs at Terminal 4

KUWAIT: Drugs found with passengers arrested at Kuwait International Airport’s Terminal 4 yesterday

KUWAIT: A man and a woman were arrested at Kuwait International Airport’s Terminal 4 yesterday for attempting to smuggle banned substances into the country. Customs Information Committee member Nawaf Al-Mattar said a customs inspector suspected a passenger and found two pieces of hashish in his luggage. He added that a European woman had 500 illicit tablets on her.

Body found
A citizen’s body was recovered by the coroner after it was found in the parking lot of Ardiya medical center. A patient called police, but when they arrived, they found the person was already dead, Al-Rai reported yesterday. An investigation was opened into the case.

Kidnap case
As the public prosecution ordered the continued detention of the suspects in the kidnapping of a lawyer, other surprises have appeared in the four Egyptians’ confessions – that they filmed the lawyer who hired them to blackmail him after leaving Kuwait. It was found that the suspect lawyer had planted a tracking device in the victim’s car and linked it to his mobile to monitor all his movements. The public prosecution began interrogations of the lawyer, who is accused of hiring the four expats to kidnap and torture another lawyer in exchange of KD 1,000 each, Al-Rai daily reported yesterday.
The lawyer denied the expats’ claims, but they said they have a tape of him torturing his colleague, which they made in order to blackmail him. The suspect lawyer insisted on denying the torture, but the surprise was that police also discovered that he himself filmed the kidnapped lawyer in his farm with his hands cuffed and his head covered with a bag. But suspect still denied filming the victim, adding that he has nothing to do with him. When police searched the lawyer’s house, they found the victim’s wallet and his phone. When his farm was searched, the victim’s car keys were found there.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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