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Penalty points lead to suspension of 860 driving licenses

KUWAIT: The traffic department announced that 860 driving licenses were suspended during the first quarter of this year for exceeding the number of penalty points. Public Relations and Traffic Awareness Officer Lt Col Abdullah BuHassan said the Director of the Traffic Department Maj Gen Yousuf Al-Khaddah asked all traffic departments in the six governorates to be strict in suspending driving licenses that exceed the number of penalty points.

He said 90 traffic violations are included in the points system, explaining the first suspension will be for three months if the violator exceeds 14 points, the second suspension will be for six months if the violator exceeds 12 points, while the third suspension will be for nine months for exceeding 10 points. The fourth suspension will be for a year for exceeding eight points, and finally the license will be revoked permanently for exceeding six points.

BuHassan said when the license is suspended, it will show on the Kuwait Mobile ID app, which means the violator is not allowed to drive. Approval by the department director is required when the license is revoked permanently. The violator must then undergo traffic tests as if they are applying for the first time.

BuHassan said the use of the mobile phone while driving gets a penalty of two points, while the highest number of points for a violation is four points, including for reckless driving, running a red light and speeding over a maximum of 30, 40 or 50 kilometers as per the road’s speed limit. He said traffic points that do not reach the total that requires suspension will be dropped from the system one year after the payment of the fine.

BuHassan said the traffic department receives any grievances about violations, be they direct and indirect, and in case there is any mistake or maliciousness in issuing a citation, it will be removed by the director of the violations investigations department and will not be registered in the system.

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