By Layan Abdullah Al-Qenaei

In our generation; the 20th century teenagers and adults tend to receive questions related to themselves that get them questioning their selves. Having a perfect face, perfect face features, a perfect body, a perfect school, a perfect education, a perfect university or college, a perfect final grade, a perfect well paid job, a perfect house, a perfect wife or husband, perfect children, perfect siblings, perfect parents, or even a perfect life.

All these perfections together are impossible. Allah gives you perfections and takes away other ones, giving it to another individual. That is why you should always thank Allah for every grace and ask Allah for the best. The friendships you have are the opportunities to fulfill your imperfections by learning different ways to encourage yourself in rebuilding your life, mind, and self.

Taking notes off the advantages and positive traits of the person you are friends with and blending it in yourself to become a better individual. On the other hand, your friend does the same in order to blend in together for a better friendship. Having a perfect face and body is not in our dictionary. We are not born with a perfect body; you must work on yourself in order to achieve your body goals.

It is a man-made decision to have a perfect face and body, which most of the universe have participated in. You do not have to participate in it; you have to accept the way Allah has created it, and you are perfect just the way you are. Perfection is the act of accepting the insecurities, blending yourself in the universe, and living the life you would love to live.

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