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Performing well at work serves society – MAKE KUWAIT GREAT

Each of us can contribute to making Kuwait a better place for all of us to live. In our daily deeds and actions, we can find – if we choose to look – opportunities for improving Kuwait’s environment. From not littering on the streets, to choosing to be kind and helpful to others, each individual here can have a positive impact on the society as a whole. Kuwait Times wants to know what can you do?


Mohammad Anis

Mohammad Anis is 27-year-old from Rajasthan, India. He works as a sales associate, and is single. When asked how he could contribute to make Kuwait a better place, he had the following to say:
“As an expat, I can only help so much. But I am willing to care for and help by contributing monetary funds to the needy. As a

Muslim, I have been a regular participant in charity donations and I find this as an effective way to help the nation. Also as an expat of this country, I will always follow its laws and regulations, and will respect the traditions followed here. I am also part of a team of a luxury brand in the Avenues Mall; and it is our responsibility to help our customers and make sure they are satisfied. Performing well at work is a great form of service to the society. If one is of considerable benefit for the company it will reflect in his everyday life, family, community, as well as his countries of residence and nativity.

By Ben Garcia

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