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Perfume Expo – over 200 million SAR in revenue

The Perfume Expo – Over 200 million SAR in Revenue

Riyadh City Hosts the World’s Largest Oriental Perfume Exhibition

With over 40,000 Square Meters of Hall Space, and 200 Major Brands

– Boutiqaat’s Hall Exceeds 5,000 Square Meters

– More than 50 Booths Dedicated to Celebrities and Social Media Influencers

Najd Alkubra Company has successfully concluded the Perfume Expo, the world’s largest exhibition for oriental perfumes, in the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as part of the activities of the “Riyadh Season”.

The exhibition was organized by Najd Alkubra Company, in a strategic partnership between the General Entertainment Authority of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and both “Boutiqaat” and “Sela Company”, starting from February 26th, and extended till the 14th of March. It has witnessed a huge and astonishing success among oriental perfume enthusiasts.

The exhibition, being the largest of its kind around the world, has successfully garnered over 200 million SAR in revenue. It was held at a large venue estimated at 40,000 square meters of hall space and successfully hosted over 200 major brands, providing a unique space to display the most luxurious and finest perfumes for customers with a discerning taste.

The most distinguished company in the world of eCommerce, “Boutiqaat”, has actively contributed to achieving the exhibition’s objectives, as the Boutiqaat hall itself has exceeded 5,000 square meters of space, with more than 50 booths dedicated to Celebrities and Social Media Influencers, and witnessed the presence of over 500 Celebrities and influences, placing yet another milestone in Boutiqaat’s series of huge continuous successes.

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