Petzone Kuwait promotes responsible, loving pet ownership in Kuwait

‘Provides world-class range of products and services to take care of your pet’

‘Pamper your pet with Petzone food, bedding, toys, and luxury pet items’

By Ben Garcia

Owning a pet is a pleasure and a responsibility and as more and more people in Kuwait become pet owners, the market grows to support them. One of the most prominent shops now in Kuwait for pets is the well-known Petzone. With 10 locations now serving the pet-loving community in Kuwait, Petzone provides everything pet owners might need including food, clothing/accessories, top-class grooming services, and much more.

Enter the massive Petzone mega store in Alrai and the first thing that hits you is the assortment of pet accessories including leashes and leads for dogs, cats and even horses; clothing for dogs including sweaters for the colder months; beds for dogs and cats, play toys, scratching posts, bones and treats for dogs and cats. Petzone also provides supplies for those who love home aquariums with fish tanks, different types of fresh water fish, fish food and decorations for the aquariums. They also sell varieties of birds along with bird cages, foods and supplies and the animals are kept in air conditioned spaces and ensured of proper health certifications prior to being sold.

Petzone also provides a range of items for small animals like guinea pigs, rabbits, sugar gliders, ferrets and hamsters including cages, bedding, food, toys, carrying bags and more. Along with domestic pets, Petzone caters to those with farm animals by providing food, cages, bedding and accessories for chickens, pigeons and goats.

Owning lizards and other reptiles is also popular among a subset of pet owners in Kuwait and Pet Zone supports this group by stocking a full range of reptile produces including aquariums, food and other supplies.

With regards to grooming, Petzone provides a full range of grooming services for dogs, cats, small animals including nail trimming, teeth brushing, anal glands, shampooing and dry showers.

Opened in 2010, Petzone has flourished thanks to its strong commitment to the pet-loving community in Kuwait. During the pandemic lockdown period, stepped in and provided online ordering and free delivery services for anyone unable to reach a store.

“Our services are special because when we talk about animals, there is a special bond in our hearts tied to caring and loving pets. We demonstrate it in many ways. Even before the pandemic, we had foreseen the need for online services, so we were ready. We were at the helm of supplying pet owners and delivering pet food to their doorsteps,” a Petzone store manager explained.

Petzone works closely with local animal welfare groups including providing space for shelter dogs in need of adoption, in supporting local animal groups and activities and in providing educational services for schools and organizations as well as grooming for pet owners.

Other community-focused activities include birthday parties, school visits, delivery and installation, call back, tag engraving and more. Educational services including school visits – when schools reopen – will help improve the understanding and awareness of responsible pet ownership in the country, which in turn helps reduce stray animal populations and reduce the burden on government services.

Petzone recognizes that taking on a pet is a huge responsibility and a long term commitment and helps to serve pet owners by providing a wide range of services to help create and grow responsible pet ownership in Kuwait.

Branches are located in Al-Rai megastore, Spaws, Salmiya, Shuwaikh, Mahboula Seaside and Mahboula Ministore, Egaila, Jabriya Product Store and TruValue Alrai. Pet Zone also plans to open more stores in Kuwait and also has three stores currently operating in the United Arab Emirates.

Petzone has an App available for customers so that they can order their needs even when they are unable to visit a local branch. The app includes all items needed for animals like food, bedding, toys, cleaning supplies and is sorted by animal to make shopping an easy and pleasant experience for pet lovers in Kuwait.

Petzone carries some of the top Global brands of products including Dog’s Best, Frontline, Marina, Outward Hound, NutraNuggets, Petsafe, Petstages, Sheba cat food, Vet’s Best and Whiskas among others.

The Petzone staff are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about the range of pet products and services and always welcome questions or queries related to pet ownership in Kuwait. 

“The connection between you and your pet is very special, so cherish it. A pet is for life and is considered part of the family. This connection and the growth of responsible, caring pet owners in Kuwait serves as Petzone’s mission to provide world class services and products for the care and support of pets in Kuwait,” said a Petzone manager.

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