Philippines Embassy files rape report on maid’s behalf

KUWAIT: The Philippines Embassy lawyer lodged a complaint against a Kuwaiti man for raping a domestic helper. A police source said the lawyer informed them the accused took advantage of the family being out of the house, then went to the helper’s room and locked the door before raping her. He then offered her money to remain silent. The source said the helper escaped to the embassy, and was sent to hospital, which reported that she was indeed raped.
Meanwhile, a helper was rushed to Mubarak Hospital for treatment of fractures she sustained after she threw herself from the third floor of a building where laborers are housed. A police source said the Indian woman was found with her legs fractured. An employee at the office told them the injured woman is an Indian helper who was returned to them and was waiting for another employer to hire her, and attempted to escape. Police detained the employer and lodged a case of restriction of freedom. The case was referred for investigations.

Harasser kidnaps boy
A Kuwaiti with criminal record snatched a woman’s son because she did not respond to his advances. The mother told police that a citizen who lives near her house harassed her several times, but she rebuffed him. She said she was surprised to see him in front of her house, and when her domestic helper went out with the woman’s son to throw the trash, the suspect abducted the boy and fled. The helper screamed, and the woman became hysterical. She then went to the police station and lodged a kidnapping complaint. The woman later saw the kidnapper in the area, so she argued with him. The suspect said he only wanted to get close to her. The prosecution ordered the suspect’s arrest to face legal action. The boy is five years old.

Dogs to be spayed
The Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) said a campaign to spay stray dogs will be launched soon to limit their reproduction, as their number has reached 20,000, and they are concentrated in some residential areas as well as Abdaly, Wafra and Kabd among others. Chairman and Director General of PAAAFR Sheikh Mohammad Al-Yousuf said there must be well-studied mechanisms and humanitarian means to face the spread of stray animals. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai

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