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Philippines repatriates 484 illegitimate children

KUWAIT: After the Philippines said it will assist Filipino children born out of wedlock abroad, an official at the embassy in Kuwait said 484 such children were repatriated to Manila last year, adding that this was done in cooperation with Kuwaiti interior ministry.

Seven hours
The social affairs ministry said decision no. 2/2018 of the Civil Service Commission which set working hours from 8 am to 3 pm will be implemented from Sunday. But the workers’ union at the ministry said the decision by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) is not fair and doesn’t consider employees’ circumstances. It said that it consulted ministry undersecretary, who promised to contact the CSC to reconsider its decision.

Expats’ camping
An official source at Kuwait Municipality said the spring camping committee reconsidered the mechanism of granting licenses to expatriates, by allowing the expat to book, then refer to the Municipality to complete the procedures with undertaking from the sponsor. The source said field tours revealed that many camps are registered in the names of Asians who do not know what goes on inside, so patrols were increase in all governorates. He said the spread of liquor and immoral acts are not limited to unlicensed camps, but also include the licensed ones, which calls for security action besides municipal efforts.

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