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PM replacement rumors ‘baseless’

KUWAIT: Well-informed official sources strongly denied that the ruling family held a meeting during which it agreed on appointing former foreign minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Sabah as the prime minister in the next Cabinet. “All this is hearsay, baseless social media stories, analyses or wishes,” the sources said, noting that the selection of the prime minister is the right of His Highness the Amir alone.

The sources stressed that His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah will remain in office, and that this had been agreed upon prior to dissolving the parliament. “Sheikh Jaber has started a development plan and new projects and will remain in office to complete them,” added the sources, noting that he succeeded in resolving the housing and state budget problems and this is enough to keep him in office.

In addition, the sources explained that the ruling family meeting is usually dedicated to discussing general issues, latest developments and family members’ affairs. “No decisions are made because running the state is in the hand of HH the Amir, the government and constitutional bodies,” the sources reiterated, noting that the meeting was just a regular family meeting.

350 inspectors
Acting manpower authority director Abdullah Al-Motoutah said investing in human resources is one of Kuwait’s priorities and the state is keen on respecting international agreements about providing a healthy environment and protecting workers from occupational hazards and diseases.  Motoutah added that 350 inspectors had been deployed in various governorates to ensure law 6/2010 pertaining laborers’ protection and compensating them for job-related injuries is fully put into practice.

Joint purchase
Undersecretary of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry Khaled Al-Shemali said the GCC project of joint purchase of basic goods was facing some obstacles and that some studies warned that mass purchases would lead to price increases. In a statement made to the Saudi Eqtisadiya newspaper, Shemali said the move might overlap with the private sector’s role. He added that a recommendation was made to the ministerial committee meeting the following week to discuss the issue. Separately, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry finalized a draft bill for restructuring and liquidating commercial establishments and submitted it to the fatwa and legislation department after it was reviewed by Minister Yousef Al-Ali.

By A Saleh

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