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Pokemon Go guide for Kuwait players

Pokemon Go guide for Kuwait players
Pokemon Go guide for Kuwait players

Only a handful of games have reached the global exposure that ‘Pokemon Go’ has achieved, and it has done so in less than a month. But unlike other worldwide hits, it has fortunately reached Kuwait as well. Kuwait has also been fortunate enough to have received an abundant amount of ‘Pokestops’ and ‘Gyms’ to ensure players are never far from refilling their supplies (like Pokeballs and health potions) and battling other players in the game’s location-based Gyms. Whether you’re already an above level-20 trainer or struggling to find Pokemon or Pokestops in your area, here are some tips to get you playing the game effectively and safely in Kuwait.

Kuwait City is a Pokestop goldmine
Are your precious Pokeballs dwindling after wasting a bunch of them on a 10CP Pidgey? Finding it difficult to save all your potions for your fainted Pokemon? Then simply take one good round through Kuwait City and fix all these issues immediately. There are nine Pokestops in Souk Al Mubarakiya alone, with a bunch more surrounding it. It might not look like much from the outside, but the old souk is a huge, dense maze once you enter it. Not only will you fill up your Pokeballs and catch a few rare Pokemon traversing the market, you can easily complete your shopping list as well. I highly recommend checking it out.

Bus rides are very efficient
Go players – the next time you want to travel from one area to another, avoid a cab and take the bus. Many of Kuwait’s bus routes pass through several Pokestops and landmarks while going slow enough to catch quite a few Pokemon. Bus rides will help your Pokedex grow and your wallet stay the same size.

All along Gulf Road
If you don’t know already, water-type Pokemon are much easier to catch near the coastline. The Kuwait Towers are a great place to start because of its abundant Pokestops, but if you don’t feel like walking around too much (it is nearly 50 degrees outside), try making a trip to Al-Kout Mall in Abu Halifa. The makeshift lake near the pier has three Pokestops and a Gym right next to each other, so you can sit and eat at one of the cafes while spinning your Pokestops for those sweet Pokeballs. The pier at SouqSharq is near identical in quantity of both Pokestops and chilled-out cafes.

The grass is always greener in a park
Like water Pokemon and coasts, grass-type Pokemon are in abundance near and around parks. Every area in Kuwait has a park or two in it, but for a great, all-round experience, visit Al-Shaheed Park in Sharq. It is packed with several amenities like great parking for your car and cafes, and it also hosts a multitude of events on weekends. It’s one of Kuwait’s best maintained parks and is a great place for both families and Pokemon trainers alike.

Staying safe
The point of this list was trying to convince players to check out many of Kuwait’s little known landmarks scattered around the country and avoid highly secure areas such as mosques and government buildings. Even if you are avoiding these places (which in most cases you should), there are several other ways to stay safe – both you and your surroundings. First, do not play and drive! If you must, ask someone else to drive while you hunt the Pokemon. Also try late at night. After 1am, when the streets are empty, you can cruise as slowly as you like to catch that elusive Seadra.

Also if you are walking around, do so with friends and always watch where you are going. Be respectful of public places/spaces and do not enter mosques, shops or other secure locations in search of Pokemon.

By Aakash Bakaya

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