Police deny inmates assault reports

KUWAIT: Informed sources at the Interior Ministry denied social media rumors which speculated that central prison police attacked some jailed bloggers. The sources said the claims were made in an attempt to “hamper efforts of security men after they carried out surprise campaigns in which they caught inmates who sold phones and banned products to other cell mates.” Security men found mobile phones with SIM cards, knives and drugs with the suspects.

A man in his 20s hanged himself from the stairs of his family’s house and the body was taken to the coroner. Investigations are underway to find out the reasons behind his actions. Separately, a 13 year old boy hanged himself from a ceiling fan. His father rushed him to hospital but died upon arrival.

Car ‘trashed’
An unknown person emptied the contents of a garbage container on a parked car in front of a cafe. The car’s owner called police and said that she came out to discover that trash was dumped on her car. The woman said that she suspected the waiters because she parked at the café’s entrance.

A fight broke out between two men over a girl they were chasing in a mall. Security men broke up the fight before police and paramedics arrived to the scene. Both were arrested and charged accordingly. Separately, a medical center official and a Kuwaiti pharmacist exchanged accusations and insults. The official claimed he was insulted by the pharmacist; who argued that she was the one who was insulted.

Drug possession
Farwaniya police sent an Egyptian who was caught with 25 envelopes of shabu (meth), 107 Tramadol tablets, and three envelopes of chemical to the Drug Control General Department (DCGD). The suspect injured his head by knocking it against the metal barrier inside the police car and claimed police beat him.

Residency affairs detectives arrested two Arab nationals for forging government stamps of KD 10, then selling them. Detectives made an agreement with the two to buy 400 stamps of KD 10 for KD 2,000, and both were arrested red handed.

Qadisiya detectives are investigating a case involving an Indian man who says that he was assaulted by six others in a Bneid Al-Qar grocery store. The man said that the suspects tied him up and took him to an open area where they beat him then robbed KD 200 in cash from him in addition to his mobile phone. He said he does not know the suspects, but knows where they live. – Translated from the Arabic press

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