Police free three Filipina hostages in Farwaniya

KUWAIT: Farwaniya detectives managed to free three Filipinas held by an Asian woman in a Farwaniya apartment for four days, said security sources. Case papers indicate that one of the abducted women called the police reporting that a woman they had known online through Facebook was detaining them somewhere they did not know. Calling her back, the woman did not answer the detective, but sent a message noting that she was in danger along with her friends. Communicating via WhatsApp, she sent the police her location through GPS. Policemen managed to locate the apartment and broke into it, freeing the detainees while their captor was away. A case was filed and a search is on for the suspect.

Family misses flight
A Kuwaiti family – a mother, her 21-year-old daughter and her 15-year-old son had a nightmare experience when the daughter went missing after she went out shopping on the day of their flight out of Turkey, said security sources, noting that waiting for the girl to return, the family missed its flight back home. According to officials at the Kuwaiti embassy in Istanbul, the family called reporting the girl missing, and Turkish security authorities were notified to review surveillance cameras on Taksim Street where she went shopping. However, after missing the flight, the mother received a message from her daughter noting that she would be back soon, and she did return late that evening. She said she had left due to arguments with her mother.

Pedestrian killed
An Egyptian man was killed when a speeding vehicle ran him over along Fahaheel Expressway. An investigation was opened in the case.

Failed robbery
A security guard of a local bank branch in Rumaithiya reported that a burglar tried to rob the bank by making a hole in a gypsum board ceiling and climbing down to the vault room. The guard added that the burglar failed to open the safe and that on sensing that his presence was discovered, he escaped through the same hatch. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress to identify the robber.

Ex-wife assaulted
A female citizen filed a complaint against her ex-husband and his sister, accusing them of assaulting her, said security sources. The woman said that the two showed up to her apartment to pick up the kids on a court order, where they argued and they assaulted her. The mother provided a medical report with her injuries.

Drug possession
Two drug abusers were arrested with nine packs of heroin in Sabahiya, said security sources. Case papers indicate that a police patrol suspected a vehicle and on stopping it, the two suspects ran off on foot. They were chased and caught, and on searching them, the drugs were found. A case was filed.

Two hurt in accident
Two GCC nationals were injured when their vehicle collided into another driven by a 67-year-old citizen, who turned out to be heavily drunk, said security sources, noting that the citizen was arrested and the two injured men were rushed to Mubarak Hospital for treatment. – Al-Rai/Al-Anbaa

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