Police hunt suspects in niqabs

KUWAIT: A search is in progress for two women wearing niqabs seen on a surveillance camera stealing a female citizen’s purse at a shopping center in Ogaila, security sources said. Case papers indicate that on discovering her purse was missing, the woman told her husband who asked to check the cameras. The tapes showed one woman distracting the victim while the other reached into her handbag to steal the purse, before both fled.

Shooting incident probed
Jahra detectives are investigating a citizen’s report that he was shot at by an unknown person while driving along Salmi highway, security sources said. The sources noted that the main’s testimony appears contradictory, after claiming to have known the shooter before changing his story. He claimed he chased the suspect, whose license plate fell off, before losing him. After returning to the scene neither the license plate or bullets were found. Despite the discrepancies, the case was filed and further investigations are underway.

Properties missing
A Fintas-based Egyptian reported that after returning from a trip to Egypt, he discovered his door open and several possessions, worth around KD 1600, missing. A case was filed.

Bike accident
A Syrian was recently rushed to Al-Sabbah Hospital for treatment having lost control of his bike and falling in the Shuwaikh industrial area.

Dangerous driving
A man was recently arrested for dangerous driving in Ahamdi. The suspect initially ignored orders from police to pull over, said security sources. They also revealed that police discovered the man had been sentenced to a seven-year prison term he had yet to complete.

Harassment complaint
A female citizen recently filed a harassment complaint against a man who she accused of sending her indecent messages, security sources said. The woman added that when she demanded the unknown sender cease the messages, he responded with insults. A case was filed. Separately, a Kuwaiti woman launched a harassment claim against a man, who she claimed was not serious about marrying her, for allegedly showing up to her work and inquiring about the reason for their break-up, security sources said. The girl expressed fears that the suspect’s behavior would scandalize her at work and with her family. The suspect is being summoned.

MoE investigates accident
MoE is investigating an accident where a bus carrying 33 school handymen turned over, injuring a several, when the driver suffered a stroke and lost control of the vehicle.

Woman arrested airport
An Ethiopian woman was recently arrested on arrival at Kuwait International Airport in possession of one-and-a-half kilos of Khat hidden in her luggage, security sources said. – Al-Rai/ Al-Anbaa

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