Police put down enraged bull

KUWAIT: A photo circulated on social media shows a bull after it was put down by police yesterday

KUWAIT: Police shot a bull after it ran wildly in the streets. Police received a call about a bull that escaped from the Salmiya slaughterhouse and ran towards the Fifth Ring Road. Rescue police attempted to control it, but they failed, and the beast fled into Rumaithiya.

Farwaniya police registered a death case reported yesterday as homicide based on the coroner’s report, who said the death was not normal. A citizen earlier told police that his brother was found dead in his room. Police found the body on the floor with needles and a bag with traces of powder in it. The man said his brother had been using drugs for a long time.

Officer insulted
Two Egyptian men who blocked the road and prevented others from passing attacked a traffic officer because he issued them a ticket. The incident took place in Jabriya after a call was received about a car blocking the road. The traffic police officer went to check and found an SUV parked illegally. The officer wrote a ticket and placed it on the windshield, but two Egyptians who appeared argued with him and beat him. Both were arrested by a backup patrol and taken to Jabriya police station.

Firemen dealt with a fire that broke out in a car near Sulaibkhat police station. No injuries were reported.

Municipality crackdown
Mubarak Al-Kabeer municipality branch emergency team inspected food factories in Subhan, resulting in confiscating and destroying six tons of food material. Director of the branch Samiya Al-Eenzi said campaigns will be intensified based on the instructions of the head of Capital and Mubarak Al-Kabeer sectors Faisal Sadeq to ensure the validity of foodstuff.

Coastguard patrols helped 24 ships, surfaced a boat, removed six floating objects, sent 20 boats away from off limits areas and took nine injured and sick persons to hospital, while 13 drowning people were rescued. The coastguard also busted 29 violations of fish resources, while 118 vessels were searched.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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