Policeman arrested for blackmailing expats

KUWAIT: A policeman took advantage of his work at the criminal detectives department to blackmail expats for money to release them, after making them believe they were in violation of the law. The suspect was arrested and sent to the public prosecution. A security source said the suspect stopped an Indian delivery driver in Fahaheel and told him he is in violation of the traffic law. He gave him an option of paying KD 200 and be released or be sent to concerned authorities.

The Indian called the restaurant owner, who went to the address the Indian gave him, where the suspect showed him his ID, proving he was a detective, and refused to accept anything less than KD 200. The restaurant owner asked the suspect to go with him to the police station, but he refused and forced the Indian in his car. The restaurant owner, a Syrian, went to Fahaheel police station to inform them about what happened, where another Indian, who was scared, told them someone stopped him too and told him he was in violation of the law and demanded KD 200. Patrols went out to search for the car, and were surprised to find the Indian deliveryman and another person, Egyptian, handcuffed inside it. They caught the suspect and released the victims. The suspect was charged with kidnapping and robbery.

In a separate case, a policeman was sent to state security after he passed through Nuwaiseeb border outlet undetected and was caught by Saudi policemen at Khafji outlet. He then was handed over to Kuwaiti authorities, who discovered that he suffers psychological problems and has a file at the hospital. Sources said the policeman made a similar attempt in 2015. – Al-Rai

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