Policeman arrested for breaking traffic laws

KUWAIT: A policeman was arrested for violating traffic laws, dangerous driving and trying to escape arrest. Security sources said the suspect was stopped for a traffic ticket while he was in uniform in his private vehicle, which he did not like. He left his driving license and registration with his colleagues and tried to drive off in a stunt-like manner before backup arrived and stopped him.

Fatal accident
A Syrian was instantly killed when he lost control over his vehicle and it collided into a lamppost along the Sixth Ring Road. A case was filed to reveal the circumstances which led to the accident.

Worker hurt
A civilian employee at the Ministry of Interior (MoI) was injured after he fell from a first-floor terrace at MoI headquarters. Security sources said the employee was smoking on the terrace, when he leaned on the railing, which broke, causing him to fall from a three-meter height. The man was rushed to hospital.

A citizen reported that the contents of his vehicle were stolen while it was parked inside the municipality impoundment garage. A case was filed and investigations are ongoing to reveal the circumstances behind the theft.

Expat muggers caught
A Kuwaiti citizen and two bedoons were arrested for impersonating as police detectives and robbing expats, said security sources, noting that the suspects were found responsible for over 40 robberies in various areas.

A fire broke at the Amghara scrap market, said security sources, adding that firefighters managed to control the fire without reporting any casualties. An investigation is underway to determine the causes of the fire. — Al-Rai and Al-Anbaa

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